Ongoing Research 

At Fresh Press we like keeping ourselves busy to complete our mission. Below are our current projects.


A Campus Circular Economy – From Farm to Table & Desk

This project will not only contribute to sustainability on the Illinois campus, but also create a new standard. By continuing to use responsible and organic agricultural practices that promote soil and human health combined with re-using waste for paper production, SSF and FP together will create a sustainable circular economy on campus where students and faculty are not only consumers but producers.

3-D Pulp: Crop Residue At Small and Large Scales - $14,522 - UIUC Campus Research Board

This project aims to foster new and continue existing collaboration in research and pedagogy between Associate Professor Eric Benson (Graphic Design), Associate Professor Mark Taylor (Architecture), and Assistant Professor Sameh Tawfick (Mechanical Science and Engineering) on using crop residue pulp (corn, soy, rye, miscanthus and prairie grasses, etc.) in three-dimensional forms.


Future Experiments

We are interested in collaborating on projects that can further explore and test agricultural fibers in various scales, shapes, and formats. We are interested in both academic and corporate research. You can contact us by clicking the button below if you share our interests or would like to collaborate.