Our Team

Your paper is handmade by a small group of dedicated and talented students who believe in hard work, beautiful paper, and and a better future through economic and environmental sustainability. They are undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Illinois who not only hand pull sheets of corn, soy, or prairie grass paper, but also plant, weed, and harvest them on the sustainable student farm. The paper is made by students and funded by students via The Student Sustainability Committee.



Eric Benson - Co-Founder

Eric is a sci-fi loving, tree-hugging nerd from Michigan who is also the Chair of the University of Illinois Graphic Design Program. He co-founded Fresh Press in 2012 and has been running his 501(c)3 non-profit Re-nourish since 2006. 

Veronica Steffen - Studio Manager

Veronica specializes in handmade crafts–from handlettering, illustration to authentic and unique card packaging. She believes in the value and quality of handmade goods and the creation of something in a variety of styles, and mediums.

Donna Dimitrova

Donna hails from Bulgaria, and sometimes cries tears of joy when Pascale sings. She also sings her favorite Arctic Monkey tunes (in Russian) to her two pet Cockatails. 

Amber Sims

Amber is from Chicago, IL, studying Landscape Architecture. I love all kinds of performing arts, playing trombone, and playing soccer. Most importantly, I’m very interested in learning how to protect and flourish the environment at all costs.

Sarah Ginnard

Sarah, unlike most of America, hates coffee, but loves taxidermy. She hails from Hillsboro, IL and is a third year student in Painting.


Pascale Grant

Pascale is a townie who will sing you "O Mio Babbino Caro" if you ask very nicely. She is a junior in Graphic Design who someday will probably be a famous actor.