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Our Transportation Emissions

From the Sustainable Student Farm to Fresh Press to the South Quad at the University of Illinois, our paper travels a total of 4.4 miles emitting about 4 lbs of greenhouse gases (if we drive!). Compare that mileage to tree-fiber paper which has to travel around 2.700 miles from the Boreal Forests in British Columbia, Canada to paper mills in Wisconsin and finally here to campus. With Fiber you save 2,353 lbs of greenhouse gases by transportation from entering our atmosphere. If you factor in manufacturing, our paper prevents even more greenhouse gas emissions.

We started Fresh Press because we wanted to make sustainable paper that renourished the environment and could change the industry. Everything we do here, we keep our natural environment and human/wildlife health top of mind. We aren't perfect. No one is, but we are trying. This section details our successes and shortcomings when it comes to minimizing our environmental impact.