Paper Testimonial - Anastasia Tumanova

We recently worked with artist and designer Anastasia Tumanova from We Are Clay to screen print her recent work "Flourishing Female" on some of our miscanthus grass paper. The results were great and Anastasia had this to say about our paper: 

"I screen printed a series of posters on Fresh Press cotton and oatmeal papers. I was already excited that I was printing on recycled paper, helping conserve resources and save the planet one print at a time. I was even more excited with the results. The ink sat beautifully on the beautiful flecked paper. It's thick and feels higher quality than store bought paper. I can't wait to print with it again!"

Paper Catalog

At Fresh Press we like experimenting with fibers to make a variety of paper! Check out the different types of paper we've made here.

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Artist Collaboration: Karen Spiering

"40 Hour Dollar," 6x11x5" (2015) by Karen Spiering

In 2015, we opened our studio to University of Illinois MFA Studio artist Karen Spiering, whose "life and work revolves around deep place knowing and the pursuit of stronger connections to the land/earth." After being trained on the equipment, she brought in old burlap bags to recycle into paper. We had never experimented with burlap as a material before, but allowed Karen to explore the material in our studio. The results were gorgeous. Karen made multiple "brown lunch bags" that were displayed both folded and stacked (on a pedestal) and opened and on the floor of the gallery. 

Fresh Press Alum

We're lucky to have so many rock star student workers at Fresh Press who have helped us get to where we are today.

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Welcome aboard Jenelle Davis

Normally we hate the phrase "welcome aboard" when hiring a new person to the the team, but based on Jenelle's photo, we feel it is appropriate this time (only)! So ... Fresh Press is pleased to announce that Jenelle Davis has joined us for this fall 2017 semester to help with outreach and research. 

Jenelle proudly hails from Saskatoon, Canada. She holds both a BA and MA in Art History from McGill University and the University of Toronto respectively and is working towards a PhD in art history from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a focus on the politics of memory and a diverse range of commemorative practices and the memorialization of traumatic events. Jenelle has worked as a curator, art critic and expert piñata-maker to name a few of her professional endeavors and has spent several years working, traveling and studying abroad. Jenelle is dedicated to promoting art as social practice, redefining the borders of public art, fostering broader inclusivity and participation in the arts, and to supporting Canadian hockey.