Fiber is a CSA for Sustainable Paper

Fiber is a CSA or “community supported agriculture,” where folks like you can buy a “share” or portion of the farm harvest that you pick up. In our case, you can buy a share of our paper studio. Here, we hand make small batches of artisan sustainable agri-fiber papers made from locally sourced harvest waste from the Sustainable Student Farm. This always unique agri-fiber paper can be used for stationary, resumés, or to create your next masterpiece.


How does a CSA Work?
A CSA or “community supported agriculture” is an alternative to buying your produce at a market. It is a network where people like you buy a “share” or portion of the farm harvest that you pick up or is delivered to your front door. With Fiber, instead of produce, we sell paper made from the remnants (waste) from the farm harvest - corn or soy stalks, tomato or eggplant vines, and native prairie grasses. Buying a share of Fiber helps support student workers, healthy eating, and a circular economy made of sustainable paper products.


2017 Fall
Paper Pack Share

10 sheets of handmade sustainable agri-fiber paper.


2017 Fall
Art Share

Three 4.5x6 " prints made by Illinois students all about Champaign-Urbana

Buy Our Paper

If you are interested in purchasing individual handmade sustainable sheets of our paper or commissioning us to for a larger scale project, please email us!

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